Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats ‘cause the 200 on 100 is back for 2012!

More accurately, however, we’re not tackling the same route. When planning this year’s edition, there was no shortage of thought and discussion on the matter from the 2011 200-on-100 brain trust. We wanted to keep things spicy, fresh, and new and we wanted to ensure the organic, essence of the adventure as three friends just going for an awesome bike ride. Ultimately we ended up picking what will be a stellar route from Burlington, VT to Portland, ME.

July 28 is the date and as the map shows above we’ll scan the three northern New England states, highlighting some of the best of each. Precisely as the clock strikes 6am, or thereabouts, we will be rolling from downtown Burlington right at City Hall. One of the first attractions being Waterbury, VT where Chandler just may very well stop for another Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone before 9am. Waterbury also marks the only point on this ride where we will touch Vermont’s Route 100, the road which we spanned its entire 200+ miles distance in 2011, so that could very well make for a nice photo op’ for posterity’s sake.

Vermont’s capital, Montpelier is next, followed by Barre, and then on into Ted and Ryan’s home state of New Hampshire. The quaint four-season town of Lincoln segues immediately to the Kancamangus Highway - one of the nicest stretches of riding in all of New England. It’s nearly all downhill to the finish - the only consideration is that we still have one-third of the ride yet to complete! The town of Conway pushes us into the Vacationland state of Maine, featuring gorgeous rolling hills as we ride southeast into Gorham and ultimately Portland.

More specifically, we’ll arrive to South Portland, where our very good friends, cycling advocates, and master bakers, Scratch Baking Co. will welcome us with open arms and hopefully a trio of their world famous bagels.

How YOU Can Be Involved

After the original 200 on 100 video went viral, we received countless requests to join the fun. Wait no more, because 2012 is your chance to join the crew! Here is our plan:

The three amigos, Ryan, Tim, and Ted, are going to tackle the tri-state, 200 mile route above. We have a superb support crew around us, and we are dotting the Is and crossing the Ts to make this ride a success. (When you take a second to think about it, there is no shortage of logistics to cover - feeds, housing, travel, documenting Ryan hallucinate, etc. When you pump your arms in celebration 200 miles from your starting point, you don’t want to look around and be forced to politely ask someone to drive you back to Burlington to get your car. You especially don’t want to flip it and ride back.)

The ride is therefore wide open. As mavens of social media, we will continually post our whereabouts with action packed photos and videos. That way, you’ll know precisely where we are and, more importantly, you can therefore hop on board the train. Our Twitter hashtag is #200NotOn100 so wherever you are, you can follow along and join the fun.

These are public roads and cycling is an open and accessible sport. Heck, we’re riding through the heart of New Hampshire where we proudly proclaim Live Free or Die. We are excited to have you join us along part of the route - ride with us for one mile or one hour. More than you can even imagine, we’re looking forward to your enthusiasm, cheers, and a heckle or two along the road.

That said, the three of us are doing the pedaling. We thank you in advance, but we are not looking for a push or a pull (…just maybe a pint of your maple syrup or tub of Fluff to help fuel the ride). We are the motor at the front of this ever-dynamic “peloton” churning out watts towards Scratch. There are three of us riding, and at most we only ever ride two-abreast. That of course means there’s always someone with whom to talk when you latch on and join our crew to inquire about this zany adventure.

To put it another way: if we get a flat, we’re going to do a quick pit-stop. If you flat, we’ will gently bid you farewell. We do have 200 tough miles to cover and there’s only so many hours in the day. No rest for the weary.

There’s More! Saving the World Through the Power of Bikes

You’ll remember last year that we sold Vermont green t-shirts after Ryan infamously said, “I feel like I’ve been run over by a dumptruck of awesome.” The pristine state of Vermont gave to us enormously by allowing us this ride and a lifetime of memories. In order to give back, we donated all of the nearly $2,000 proceeds to the Vermont Food Bank after Hurricane Irene and subsequent flooding devastated the region.

We are all intricately linked to the cycling world and inevitably we have friends, colleagues, sponsors, and family in Colorado. The wildfires of 2012 are ravaging the state of Colorado and we want to give back to the cycling community that has again given us so much. Therefore all proceeds from these t-shirts will benefit the Colorado Red Cross which is doing more than their part in these troubling times.


If you’re reading this from Timbuktu and can’t make it to the ride, if you join us in the Burlington City Hall send-off, if you hop on our train somewhere along the route, or if you’re at the welcome reception at Scratch and you want a memento from the ride, we encourage you to buy this sweet Colorado themed Dumptruck Full of Awesome/200NotOn100 t-shirt. Once again knowing that these fine threads will not only make you look great but you’re helping rebuild Colorado too.

…of course if you don’t want the t-shirt but want to help out, a link to the Colorado Red Cross can be found here.

200 not on 100 Shirt Sold Here.

Fine Print Details

— Date/time: July 28, 6am
— Start: Burlington’s City Hall
— Distance: 196 miles, but surely we’ll make some wrong turns and zigzag up some roads bringing us well over 200 miles
— Route: here
— Destination: South Portland’s Scratch Baking Co.
— Estimated arrival: err, somewhere around 5-6pm
— Benefitiary: The Colorado Red Cross
— Friends of the ride who help make it possible (or else just make it more excellent) include: Scratch Baking Co., Strava, Skratch Labs, Allagash, Cutaway Clothing, and every one of you joining us, cheering along the road, or interacting with us on the Twitter. THANK you.

— Please, please be safe, only ever ride at most two abreast, you are your own support crew, remember that we are professionals and ride at a professional pace,… hmm, anything else?