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300 Not On 100

Ayuh, we’ve upped the ante.

—Click HERE for the whole thing decked out in Strava format—

On September 24th and 25th, two memorable days of riding will see the “200 Not On 100” spearhead its first two-day adventure covering 300 miles. You read that right, 50% more than previous adventures for the mere sake of one awesome adventure. Beginning at D Squared Java in Exeter, NH we will intrepidly set forth towards the beautiful New Hampshire coast. Ahh right, it should pointed out that this is free coffee at D Squared with a big thank you to LOCO Cycling for providing a coffee “sponsorship” for this ride. Want a fresh cup of the black gold before 6am? Come on out.

Continuing up the seacoast, we’ll test out the new Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth before entering Vacationland of Maine where more rugged Atlantic coast will be our best friend. We’ll visit a smattering of bike paths to promote the invaluable message of cycling infrastructure helping to eventually save the world. Amid this adventure, we’ll swing through South Portland, ME to see our very good friends at Scratch Baking Co. because surely we’ll be at a caloric and baked good deficit by that point in the ride. Pushing into beautiful mid-coast Maine, ultimately we arrive at Boothbay Harbor, ME as our destination… oh right, that’s the half-way point ‘cause we’re riding back to New Hampshire the next day.


Special Information of Note:

- Please join us for any part of the ride. Five minutes, five miles, five hours, or the whole enchilada, you’re welcome to come along (…anyone planning on the entire ride, continue reading all the way to the bottom)! We’ll be vigilant to staying on track, but let it be known that we may get lost or detoured or whatever, so don’t hold us accountable if we skip any particular section of the above route.

- We will tweet along our merry way. Follow @iamtedking, @ryantkelly and @timjohnsoncx plus #300noton100 on the twitter machine; that should provide some insight into where we are and how much maple syrup we’ve consumed.

- 5:15am coffee generously paid for by LOCO Cycling and shop talk at D Squared Java will be followed by a prompt 6am departure on September 24. Lest we forget, our lovely barrista is waking up before 5am, so tip accordingly, say thank you accordingly, and be friendly… accordingly.

- It’s fall in New England - yeaa! Which means it will very likely be dark and chilly at 6am. Safety first, ladies and gentlemen: bring bike lights and dress appropriately.

- On the southern return leg, we’re departing Boothbay Harbor at 8am…ish. I have a hunch we’ll be caffeinating ourselves at Red Cup Coffeehouse on September 25.

- Friends, we are on a tight time budget. We have a lot of ground to cover and only so much time. If you’re up for the mega adventure and are doing the entire route, please ride prepared. Bring tubes, a pump/CO2, a couple (many) dollars, food, maybe a phone, and credit card. Perhaps a postcard and stamp to mail to your loved ones upon arrival. Lesson here: on each day, you are self-supported. We wait for NO one. That said, we’re offering space for your overnight goodies. Keep reading…

- If you’re really up for the big’n’, we are packing the foresight to offer you car space for your backpack. Read: single, small backpack for your change of clothes, shoes, and a few bars or your homemade Rice Krispy treats for Wednesday’s return south. Show up with a duffel bag? You’ll be voted off the island.

This superb support comes thanks to DuVine / Cannondale Tours, who are providing ProTour level travel support.

- We at the #300NotOn100 with help from Cannondale are in the giving spirit and you’re the lucky recipient! In addition to carrying your laundry per the above, we’re renting a room for anyone who’s up for the mega 3-hundo not on 1-hundo. If there’s just one of you, then the room is all yours. If there are 20 of you who are doing the full monty, well geeze, then you’re either going to sleep like a sardine or you’re wise enough to get your own room (rooms in the $120-180 range). It’s a tourist town in the off season, so you will be absolutely fine if you’re looking for a room on the spot.

- As if you needed this reminder, Colorado has suffered tremendously from the ravaging floods these past few days. Just as the original 200 On 100 benefited the Vermont Food Bank after Hurricane Irene, and last year’s 200 Not On 100 benefited the Colorado Red Cross after the scorching wildfires, this year we will again help Colorado. If you’re reading this, you probably ride and/or enjoy bicycles. Therefore, either directly or indirectly, you have friends in Colorado and there’s a good chance they’re hurting right now. A dollar, one dollar per mile, heck twenty-five freakin’ cents is going to help Colorado rebuild. Remember cycling is community, so whatever reason you can think of, please donate to the Colorado Red Cross HERE.


Let the fun begin.

An introduction to the crew of the Strava 200 on 100.